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Hole in the Wall 2016

First of all, thanks to the many of our regular ‘Hole in the Waller’s’ who have given us support for this event over the years. Without you it wouldn’t happen!

It's all good news..........

Yes....... the 2016 Hole in the all Festival is going to happen as promised on the weekend of the 30th / 31st July.

After months of research, I have found the perfect person to take the HIW into the future. Simon Iles of Iles Entertainment has a weekend crammed with great music and all the other things you have come to expect at the Hole in the Wall Festival.

I am absolutely delighted that Simon is going to take on the HIW and I hope you will give him the same level of support you have always given me so that there will be a golden future for the HIW!.

All the details are available on the website so click here and see what is happening and get your tickets now.

I will look forward to seeing you over the weekend and meanwhile........

Don’t forget,

Keep on rocking, and roll on July!!!!!!!!!

Chris Woodward


Hole in the Wall Music Festival 2014

Tucked away in the South Shropshire countryside, on the Shropshire Worcestershire border, with easy access from the West Midlands, the Hole in the Wall is a truly unique music festival held in the stunning grounds of Hopton Court. Top quality bands are welcomed each year to perform and the line-up is always ‘quality’.

Imagine yourself in a 19th-century walled garden. You are sitting in fantastic surroundings having a picnic, either your own or with the amazing food and drink on offer on site. You may have just come for the day or you may take another glass of wine or real ale because you are camping only a stone’s throw away in the next field.

The sun is setting and perhaps to complete the magic some good music would be just the thing to take you into the evening. You are most definitely in the right place!

This has been the long-term dream of owner Chris Woodward and fifteen years ago he turned this dream into a reality. It has grown from showcasing local talent to 60’s icons and top ‘Tribute’ bands.

This is a very very special event. People come, bring a picnic, set up camp, revel and relax and then go again - that’s it. The atmosphere is vibrant but not manic. This is the philosophy of Hole in the Wall. Love life, love music and whether it’s for the whole weekend or just an evening, you can leave your stress behind at the gate and enjoy the sheer magic in the Hole in the Wall garden.

Consider this a personal invitation.


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Please note:

The Festival is a member of the ‘National Outside Events Association’ .