Hopton Court

Hopton Wafers

Between Ludlow and Kidderminster



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From Fools and Horses to Rock’n Roll

Well how did it all start?  Way back in the early 19th century Chris Woodward’s ancestors built the walled garden so that all would be happy in the knowledge there would be plenty of vegetables to feed the family and all who worked in the house and gardens.  Fast forward some 70 years and this is what it looked like in about the 1880’s.  Plenty of muck and magic and loads of veg.

Five generations on and Hopton Court were running Horse Trials and frustrated old Rocker Chris Woodward, looking for any excuse to have a rock concert, comes up with the idea to raise money for building the Cross Country Course and hey presto, the sound of Rock and Roll is heard in the Walled Garden.  Good mates Tom the Frop appear on stage (actually on the back of an articulated lorry!) but stage sounds better..

Where did the Hole come from?!!!!!!!!!!

TTF and Chris get the ‘Big Boy's Toy’ out after a gig at Tidworth.

“Where do you want the ‘ole Guv?!”

Well not really…………Hole in the Wall just sounded suitably decadent and the name has stuck.

After the attack of Foot and Mouth disease in 2001 the Horse Trials came to an end and so nearly did the Hole in the Wall.  Even older and still frustrated rocker Chris thought why end it now just as we are beginning to have fun.

Over the years the objective has always been to get musicians here on stage to give enjoyment to any of those that wanted to share in the experience.  The main criteria was that all acts on stage had to be musicians and NOT glorified karaoke singers dressed up for the occasion.

Covers bands, Tribute bands and original artists have all been here and brought something to this rural outpost in South Shropshire for the enjoyment of thousands.  The gig has of course had its ups and downs but we have always bashed on regardless and the event is now a must in quite a few people’s calendar. Running an event like this is not easy but we won’t let that stop us doing it! A big thanks to all those wonderful people who have supported the HIW throughout the years. Without you it couldn't happen.

The main ethos behind the whole thing is that it is NOT there to make anyone a fortune but to generate enough each year to improve the infrastructure of the site and most importantly of all to get better and better acts on stage.

That will never change and Chris is in control of the whole thing and still a frustrated old Rocker!  I think it’s an incurable disease!

''You cannot imagine the pleasure it gives seeing people turning up whether to camp and stay over the weekend or just to take part in any of the weekend’s activities''.

Keep on Rocking………………!

Bands and Performers that have appeared on stage at the HITW over the years

80’s Mania
Abba Reunion
Abba UK
Achtung Baby
Andy Richards
Ballroom Glitz
Bleeding Hearts
Bon Giovi
Bootleg Blondie
Bucket Band
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
Cold Place
Complete Madness
Dan Wilby
Doris Brendel
Eddie Gartrey Blues Band
Fight the Bear
Imelda May
Jake Flowers
Killer Queen
King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys
Lady Ga Ga'r
Leo Altarelli
Mike Sanchez and his Orchestra featuring Imelda May
One O'Clock Hogs
Paul Balmer
Paul Parker and All the Right Friends
Rattlesnake Jake
Re-Take That
Suzi Quatro
The Counterfeit Stones
The Facez
The Fillers
The Hollies
The Kings Ov Leon
The Quo aka The 4 Rossis
The Reggaelators
The Riddlers
The Steve King Big Band
Tom the Frop
Waking Up the Neighbours

…. plus the tw*ts who abused our hospitality and got p***ed before going on stage. Mercifully, I have forgotten the name of the band!

Who is still around I wonder?